This plugin allows you to resize images uploaded to WordPress.


Batch Mode allows you to resize all of the existing images within the WordPress uploads folder.
This can be useful when you have a lot of images and your hosting space is getting full. Rather than having to upgrade your hosting package, you can simply resize all of the images in place.
The Squash It! plugin was originally written to address this problem for several customers who were running out of hosting space. In just one example hosting disk space usage dropped from around 10.5GB to just over 3GB! That’s a 70% reduction with absolutely no impact on the quality of their website!

Automatic Resizing allows you extend this and resize all new images as they are uploaded.
This is useful when for example you have people regularly uploading pictures from their phone or other camera. These are often considerable larger than is really required for a website and will take up a lot of space. Resizing them as they are uploaded helps prevent this.

Configuring The Plugin

Before using the Squash It! Image Resizer plugin, you will need to set the options. To do this you can either click on the ‘Settings’ link from the Squash It! entry in the main WordPress plugins section, or navigate the left hand menu to Settings >> Squash It!

This will display the options page:

As you can see, this is spit into three sections.

Resize Parameters

This is where you can set how Squash It! will resize pictures. By default it will scale all images larger than 1920px wide to 1920px wide at the default quality for the image.

You can change the width, height and quality to be used.

Automatic Resizing

You can set Squash It! to automatically resize all images when they are uploaded.

By default, this is set to off. You can tick the checkbox next to the On Upload option to turn automatic resizing on.

Configuration Data

You can choose when Squash It! deletes its configured settings. In most cases, you can just leave the default settings here.

Resizing Images In Batch Mode

To do this, you need to navigate to the main Squash It! page. To do this you can navigate the left hand menu to Tools >> Squash It Now!

Once there, you will see the above. By default, the Squash It! plugin will dry run the update. This means it will scan the images, and test resizing them in a non-destructive way, so without replacing any of the existing images.

NB: You should always backup your entire site and Dry Run Squash It! before resizing any live images to ensure there are no problems.

Once started, the plugin will start to process the images. To do this, it first requests a list of images that need to be resized from the server. This can take up to a minute or two depending on how many images you have.

While doing this, the plugin will attempt to remove any timeout limits on the server. If it can do so, it will scan all of the images at the same time. If it can’t do this (because your host has restrictive limits in place) then it will attempt to intelligently batch process as many images as it can in the available time. This may mean you have to run the process more than once to process all images.

Once finished, you will see something like the results below:

Once you are happy that everything is working correctly, simply come back to this page and untick the Dry Run checkbox before running it again.


Installing the Squash It! Image Resizer Plugin For WordPress is easy. You just need to download the zip file below and install it in the same way as any other WordPress plugin.

The WordPress Codex contains full instructions on how to do this.


You can download the latest stable pre-compiled plugin installation (.zip) file below.

More On GitHub


This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL 2.0 or higher licence.

Copyright (c) 2019 Steve Perkins, Websites Built For You

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Squash It! Image Resizer Plugin For WordPress

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