Planning Your Project

The first stage of any project is for us to talk. It’s a two way process that allows me to understand your goals and for us to exchange thoughts and ideas about how they can best be achieved.

Your project is about so much more than just throwing a quick templated solution together. There are a lot of factors and design decisions that play a role:

  • Your goals – what do you want to achieve with your project. Is it marketing, brand awareness, sales, or something else entirely;
  • Your target audience – properly understanding your target audience (age, location and other factors) is vital to ensure your message and design is on target and will succeed;
  • Your message and calls to action – it’s important to send a clear message to visitors that also provides them with a quick and easy way to act on it;
  • Elegant yet functional design – less is often more when sending a clear message to visitors;
  • Mobile first design – with more and more people using phones and tablets as their main internet browsing device it’s important to make sure that your website works great wherever it is being viewed;
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – following best SEO practices will help to ensure that Google and other search engines will be best able to understand and rank your site for your focus keywords.

After the initial discovery process, I will provide you with a fully costed proposal* based on what we have discussed. If there are any changes required, then we will work together to finalise it.

Once you are happy with the proposal, it’s time to hit Go!

* Please note, I do reserve the right to charge a nominal fee for the creating your project plan. This is simply to prevent time wasters, but don’t worry, it’s fully refundable against the final project cost.

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