There are lots of websites out there offering this service. Some of them are overly complicated for a small business and many of them are not free (and some of them don’t even tell you until you get to the end of the process!)

If your business is big enough to justify it, then my advice is to get it done properly and legally certified by your solicitors. If not, then you probably won’t even understand half of the questions most of the complicated generator websites ask! I certainly found it hard going!

After a lot of searching, I came across this site GDPR Privacy Policy Generator. Here you can generate a simple privacy policy quickly and easily. In my personal opinion (not legal advice in any way) this is perfectly sufficient for a small business.

As a bonus, it also has a simple Terms and Conditions generator which you may or may not find useful!

In WordPress you can combine this with the excellent GDPR Cookie Consent Banner plugin from Termly and be ‘compliant in minutes.

For none WordPress sites, the content is still valid and most CMS systems will probably have a suitable plugin. If you have a custom site, then you will need to get your developers to code it. The good news is that even that shouldn’t be too difficult!

It’s what we use on this site, and for me – as a small business owner – it’s feels like it’s enough!


All of your feedback (good and bad!) is appreciated. Please use the comments section below or the online contact form for anything more confidential.

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Add A Basic EU GDPR Policy To Your Website

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