Almost every business these days has their own branded website (for example www, but it’s amazing how many still have random free email accounts from the likes of gmail or outlook.

Having a branded email address for your business doesn’t have to cost much and has big benefits for you.

Look Professional

First impressions do last! Say you’ve just met a customer and hand them a business card. What kind of impression does [email protected] give? Does it make you and your business look small, inexperienced or worse some kind of scam artist? 

Wouldn’t it be better to have an email address such as [email protected]?

Similarly, if your first contact with a potential customer is via email then a free email address can raise significant doubts as to how legitimate you and your business really are.


Everybody in your organisation has the same email domain. For example [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

You can also set up more general incoming mail alliases such as [email protected] and [email protected] that will automatically go to all the people in the right department.

Marketing Boost

Have you ever had an email from someone, perhaps over something entirely unrelated to business, seen the email address and thought, hm, that looks interesting, I think I’ll have a nosy.

It’s not something you can measure or quantify but I know I have and sometimes it’s led to me finding something I have purchased, or at least bookmarked.

It’s almost free marketing!

Don’t Get Your Emails Marked As Spam

Isn’t it embarrassing when you send quote to a customer via email and it doesn’t arrive. A lot of the time this is down to your email getting identified as spam and getting hidden in their junk mail folder.

With your own branding, properly maintained, email addresses, this is much much less likely to happen.

Meaning more follow up phone calls where you don’t have to embarrassingly get your potential customer to wade through their spam emails looking for your quote.

It’s Private

Free email services are notorious for scanning customers emails to advertise to them and build marketing profiles. Some of them even inject ads into outgoing emails which can look very unprofessional.

With your own branded email addresses, you eliminate these kinds of issues.

It’s Typo Proof

If you have your own domain, you can create a ‘catch all’ mailbox ir alias which essentially means incoming email with anything before the @ will be delivered. So for example an email someone has mistakenly sent to [email protected] (instead of [email protected]) will still get delivered and you can make sure it gets to the right person.

With a free email address it could get rejected, or worse be delivered to completely the wrong person. For example someone types [email protected] instead of [email protected] Both mailboxes are almost certain to exist but only one of them is you!

So, What Other Options Do You Have?

Obviously, a lot of people use Gmail with their own custom domain which is a great service but it does come at a fairly hefty price once you go beyond a single mailbox or two.

There are other options, and the even better news is that some of them are free!

Zoho Mail

Number one on the list has to be Zoho Mail. This is a slick professional email account that provides free email for up to 25 mailboxes and up to 5GB (a lot of) storage per mailbox using your own domain, You can sign up for Zoho Mail at


This is another option. The free plan is a bit limited but supports unlimited mailboxes, 1GB storage, and up to ten outgoing emails per day. The paid plans included unlimited storage as well as unlimited mailboxes and start at $4 per day based on 100 outgoing messages per day.

Run Your Own Mail Server

This sounds like a rather scary option but it isn’t really. You can rent your own virtual private server (VPS) from Digital Ocean for only $5 per month with regular backup for just 20% more.

This will give you a VPS with a single processor and 1GB of memory which is sufficient for a basic server without too much throughput.

All you need to do is open your account (and if you use one of the links here you will get $50 credit which is good for 1 month so effectively the first month free).

Once logged in, simply create a new droplet (as Digital Ocean call their VPS) and select the 1GB, 1CPU, $5 option. Select either Debian or CentOS as the operating system and you are good to go.

Once it’s up and running, you can just install either iredmail or mailinabox both of which will take care of everything for you and leave you with a live self hosted mail server.

Note: For iredmail on the basic server above, you will most likely need to deactivate the anti-virus scanner as this does require more memory. It sounds scary, but really it should only ever be a backup for your local anti-virus scanner anyway. You can find full instructions here.

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